Finding The Right Concrete Contractor

Need some concrete work done? Use the following tips to find the right professional concrete contractors:


The professionals should have a positive reputation in your local area. Shop around and get a number of options. Then, choose the contractors based on personal skills, ability to meet deadlines and perform quality work. To check out a concrete contractor’s reputation, consider:

Attachment-11) Website

Preview their official website. Competitive, quality contractors tend to maintain high quality, professional websites.

2) Trade Associations

The contractors you are considering should be affiliated to a trade association.

3) Company Background

Go online and research the company’s background. Contact the local Chamber of Commerce to find out whether any complaints have been made about them.

4) Recommendations

Where possible, talk to people who know the local concrete operators and have had first-hand experience dealing with them. Ask workmates, family and friends who have concrete patios, driveways or walls for recommendations.


Most people assume that local professionals charge higher rates due to their small operations. However, you need to be careful about such an assumption. Remember, regional and international concrete firms have larger teams and bigger budgets to work with. Smaller firms tend to work harder at being affordable and highly efficient. That is why it might be most cost-effective for you to get your concrete work done by a smaller local firm.

Emergency Handling

If possible, find a contractor who will be hands-on with the project. In case of an emergency, they will deal with it faster, reduucing the risk of damage. Common emergencies include corrosion of metal reinforcements, leaching, cracking and, of course, accidents.


Your contractor should be able to easily build rapport with you (and everyone else involved on the project). This is the only way to develop a positive working relationship with them. They should also know the local area and people well, and take an amiable approach working with you.

Not only will you be able to get them to do high quality work, but you will also build a relationship founded on trust and mutual understanding. Similarly, you won’t have a hard time approaching them whenever you need their services (both during the project and after).


Finding concrete contractors who are accredited by national and/or international bodies is a definite advantage. Of course, the badge will not help you. However, the value of such membership and accreditation means that you can trust the expertise, experience and services they have to offer.

Use these tips to find a high quality concrete contractor in your local area – there are plenty of them out there!!

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